Friday, August 1, 2008

Welcome to Fly Fishing Ecuador's home on the web!

Where we are: Located on the rocky banks of the Rio Verde, we are one of Ecuador’s destinations dedicated solely to fly fishing. We are located approximately 20 minutes outside the pueblo of Baños (known for its volcanic hot springs) along the famous Route of Waterfalls and Orchids. Quito, the nation’s capital, is 3.5 hours to the north.

The Rio Verde, whose water is actually crystal clear, takes its name from the hue of the mountains surrounding the river; they are emerald green, and so the water reflects this at times. Our closest upstream neighbor is the Llanganates National Forest, a protected reserve, where the lost Incan gold is also thought to be buried. As such, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have zero pollution in our river. The hamlet of Rio Verde is also dedicated to the environment and to keeping our waterways clean. The water is cold, clear, and clean, and the trout are not the only ones who like it that way.

Here at Fly Fishing Ecuador, we offer first rate accommodations in our small lodge, in addition to an abundance of natural amenities found in our area. Our lodge was built by the owners themselves, with primarily local materials: reinforced chonta palm beams adorn the great room and provide a nearly indestructible foundation; river rocks cap the fireplace; legally cut local hardwood from the Amazon (which is less than an hour away) makes up most of our floors. Our gardens feature native orchid and bromeliad species, in addition to a wide variety of fruit trees, ferns and other local plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds year-round.

We have single and double rooms, and can sleep up to 6 guests at a time. The master suite features a private bath, while our other rooms have a shared bath. Featuring both national and international cuisine, all meals are included in your stay, and we prepare most of them right on the premises. Any special dietary needs can be met, so long as we know in advance.

While you could literally cast from our veranda into the riffles and pools of the Rio Verde, we prefer to do short walks up river, where there are more open banks that allow for a greater variety of casting styles and options. There are many other smaller streams in the area to take advantage of, as well. Short hikes up river to the Corazon Falls provide a somewhat more leisurely fishing experience. One client referred to fishing the falls as being like “fishing in a bucket”, as the pools are literally filled with hungry trout. While we have over 2,000 species of freshwater fish in Ecuador, rainbow trout dominate our waterways here in Rio Verde.

Your biggest mayfly, stonefly, and caddis flies will certainly be put to use here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Basic Packages

Fly Fishing Ecuador features a range of tour packages, ranging from 4 days to however many you would like to spend with us (subject to availability). Most of all, we are eager to accommodate you, and are very flexible with respect to your needs.

Varying in accordance to the number of days, our tours generally look as follows:

Since most flights arriving from the United States and Europe land at night, we typically stay the first night in Quito, giving you time to rest and relax before heading down to our facilities in Rio Verde. After breakfast in Quito, we drive to the lodge first thing in the morning, along the Route of the Volcanoes (a sight not to be missed, whether it is your first or 15th time in Ecuador).

After a light lunch at the lodge, we set out upriver. Not just to get our lines wet, of course! Dinner is not served until the fish have stopped hitting after dusk, and the rest of the evening is yours to do with as you please. Enjoy a drink and a cigar by the fireplace while listening to the river outside; go for a walk through the hamlet of Rio Verde, just a few minutes away on foot; soak in a hot bath; visit nearby spa facilities for a steam and a jacuzzi.

You are welcome to wake up early, eat a hardy breakfast, and take advantage of the morning feeders on the river. We also serve light lunches on the premises, or in the field, depending on the preference of the clients. After lunch, we typically return further upriver towards the falls. Dinner is in a nearby renowned restaurant.

You will always be accompanied by at least one local guide (generally two). In fact, the owners, who have additively more than 30 years experience in guiding and fly fishing, typically do the guiding themselves.

4-day packages start at $1200.00 USD (based on at least 2 anglers on the tour)*.

We encourage you to inquire about customized trips, should you want to incorporate more than fly-fishing into your stay. (Non-anglers will also be pleased to know that there are plenty of day hikes, waterfalls, scenic vistas, hot springs and other amenities nearby to take advantage of.)

*Our rates do not include airfare, although we would be happy to assist you in booking your flight.